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Madera 99 Freeway Rehabilitation Design-Build Project Description

The purpose of Caltrans' first design-build project in the state is to rehabilitate Highway 99 from South Gateway Overcrossing to Avenue 16 Overcrossing in the Northbound and Southbound direction. Guardrails, lighting, signage and drainage located within the project limits will be upgraded or repaired as needed.

The design-build method streamlines a project by replacing previously sequential phases, with overlapping design and construction phases, which moves the project ahead more quickly than using the traditional method. It is a federally approved method that has been used successfully by numerous other states, as well as local agencies in California.

The scope of the project includes highway reconstruction, guard-railing and signage upgrades, electrical modifications as well as a minor storm drain improvements. This project will be constructed in four different stages. Each stage will include traffic detours and ramp closures that will temporarily impact public travel.

The project estimated value is $37 Million from the State Highway Operations and Protection Program (SHOPP).